Kettle Bell Workouts For Beginners

Kettle Bell workouts for beginners can be especially beneficial for strengthening the core, shoulders and back, when exercises are performed correctly and safely.

Kettle bells are one of the newest additions to the modern day gym, despite being developed by the Russians in the 1700s; they were also used heavily in the soviet army’s conditioning regimes in the 20th century.

You will be glad to know that whatever level of fitness you are at, Kettle bells can be greatly beneficial. There are kettle bell workouts for beginners and kettle bell training programs for the more advanced. The great thing about using kettle bells is that unlike dumbbells the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand, this facilitates swinging movements; this has been proven to be great for improving grip, wrist, arm and core strength.

Kettle bell workouts for beginners or intermediates help build endurance and strength; they are particularly good for strengthening the lower back, shoulders, legs and grip strength. Gains can be seen, by just undertaking a 10 minute Kettle bell workout 2 to 3 times a week. Kettle bell training workouts are usually performed using a higher number of repetitions than conventional weight training; this is due to them working multiple muscles simultaneously.

Kettle bell training is a lot more like high intensity interval training than conventional weight training; a 20 min work out can burn the calories equal to those burned whilst running a 6 minute mile. It seems that whether you are looking for kettle bell workouts for beginners or more advanced, that you would be silly not to get yourself one and start reaping the benefits or shorter workouts with more rounded results.

Due to the high intensity of a kettle bell work out, you are not only building strength, endurance and core stability; you are also increasing your cardio strength as well. Kettle bell workouts for beginners have also been shown to be holistic, so they are great for rehabilitation; this is because they do not isolate one specific muscle group at any one time, so your stronger surrounding muscles will aid the recovering muscle in every motion.

There are endless variations of exercises you can perform with a kettle bell. You can literally work every muscle in your body with just a pair of kettle bells, so if you’re are looking to get ripped or just in the best shape of your life for this summer, then why not combine a series of good kettle bell workouts for beginners or intermediates with a good nutritional plan and make it happen.